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  Film in Korea





        production & production service company founded in  2005.

        We are experienced in all kinds of productions, such as feature film,

        TV drama,  TV show, documentary, commercial and corporate video.

        We provide all the production services with the clients.

        Fixer, location scouting, film permit, casting, equipment rental services.

        Filming not only in Korea but also in over 30 countries around the world

        makes us understand the needs of clients from all over the world



        Main Projects in Korea


      - PBS documentary 'Adoptees' (USA, 2024, documentary)

      - Live show (Hongkong-Singarpore-Korea, 2023, Live streaming)

      - 'Etqan' - season3 (Qatar, 2023, current affairs)

      - 'Race Across The World - season4' (Denmark, 2023, reality show)

      - 'Remarkable Living' (Singapore, 2023, travel documentary)

      - 'Manja' (Singapore, 2023, Travel show)

      - Movie 'Goodbye Farewell'  (Indonesia, 2023, feature film)

      - PBS documentary 'Adoptees' (USA, 2023, documentary)

      - mare TV, SudKorea (Germany, 2023, travel docu)

      - Qantas Airways inflight video (Australia, 2023, commercial)

      - 'Espanoles Comprometidos' (Spain, 2023, Travel docu)

      - 'Hunter&Gatti' filming with 10 Korean artists (Spain, 2022, short film) 

      - Kpop idol 'Kep1er' show 'Kep1er School' (Korea, 2022, Variety show)

      - Itaewon Incident (Norway, 2022, News) 

      - Itaewon Incident breaking News (Germany, 2022, News & Live)

      - 'Korean Beauty Trends' (Denmark, 2022, documentary)

      - Kpop idol IZONE 'Cheat'Ing Trip3' (Korea, 2022, Travel show)  

      - Kpop idol 'OnlyOneOf' travel show 'Mysterious Vacance' (Korea, 2022, Travel show)

      - 'Merz Asthetics' promo video shoot (Singapore, 2022, promo video)

      - Kpop idol 'Kep1er' travel show - 'Kep1er Zone2' (Korea, 2022, Travel show)

      - 'Gilead' Rainbow Grant interview (HongKong, 2022, Interview) 

      - Audition show ‘Sing Again2’ - ‘Picnic’ in Gangwondo (Korea, 2022, Travel show)

      - S.Korea Presidential Election Day Interview(Germany, 2022, News)

      - A remote production Interview shoot (Korea, 2022, Interview)

      - Kpop idol ‘Golden Child’ in Gapyeong (Korea,2022, Travel show)

      - Mediacorp ‘Forgotten Children’ (Singapore, 2021, documentary)

      - Kpop idol ‘AB6IX’ in Yeoncheon (Korea,2021, Travel show)

      - Kpop idol ‘Pentagon’ in Gyeonggido (Korea,2021, Travel show)

      - BBC StoryWorks video (England, 2021, documentary)

      - Kpop idol ‘WEi’ in Moongyung (Korea, 2021, Travel show)

      - Kpop idol ‘Brave Girls’ in Incheon (Korea, 2021, Travel show)

      - Thailand-Korea Friendly Game Match Live Streaming (Thailand, 2021, Live)

      - Interview (Singapore, 2021, Interview)

      - World News (Germany, 2021, News)

      - 'Met You Again' (Russia, 2021, Interview)

      - Scallops in Korea (France, 2021, Documentary)

       - Breaking news Covid-19  in Korea (2020, News)

       - Moscow TV : Korea Central Election Committee  interview (Russia, 2020, News)

       - NTV Covid19:  Interview (Russia, 2020, News)

       - KhonBanDanFai 'Solar City' (Thailand, 2019, Documentary)

        -BBC World Travel (England, 2019, Travel documentary)

        -Girls Meet Worlds(Saudi Arabia, 2019, Travel show)

        -K-pop special - Sunday Night  (Australia, 2019,  Current affair)

        -National Geographic (USA, 2019, Photo shoot)

        -Documentary 'Internet addiction-2'  ( Finland, 2019, Documentary)

        -Tuna (England, 2019, documentary)

        -Marriott 'StoryBooked' (USA, 2019, Travel docu film)

        -Sang-Chul: North Korea (USA, 2019, short film)

        -The Guardian (Singapore, 2019, Docu TV show)

        -Janji : The Promise (Indonesia, 2019, Web drama)

       - No Sleep NO FOMO (Australia&Singapore, 2018, Reality show) 

        -When We Play (Singapore, 2018, Documentary)

        -Kanavu Meipada Season2  (Singapore, 2018, Travel TV show)

        -Documentary 'Internet addiction-1'  ( Finland, 2018, Documentary)

        -Chilli Hunter  (Singapore, 2017, Travel TV show)

        - Hello Singapore  (MediaCorp, Singapore, 2017)

        - Pedro Pelo Mundo  (Brazil TV, 2016, Travel TV show)

        - Kimchi Untuk Awak : Kimchi for You  (Malaysia, 2016, feature film)

        - Booze Traveler - Travel Channel  (USA, 2016, Travel TV show)
        - Camel Active 2015 A/W commercial  (Germany,2015, Fashion commercial)
        - The Amazing Race - China  (China, 2014, Reality TV show)
        - Gerimis Salju Naminara  (Malaysia, TV1, 2014, TV drama )
        - Wacky World Beaters  (Australia,  ABC3, 2013, Travel TV show)

        - Side by Side (USA, 2013, Documentary)
        - Love Child  (USA, 2013, Documentary)

        - Hidden Cities of Extreme  (Singapore, 2012, Travel TV show)


           and many more... 

         Filmed Abroad 

            USA, England, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Chile,

           Czech, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Jordan,

           Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesian, Hong Kong, Macau,

           Guam, Saipan and more...

         Want to film in Korea? Just find us, let your worries and hassle free !

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